Buma | Algera notariaat

Service Range

Top-notch notarial services provided in a personal and distinctly client-oriented manner: this is exactly what you may expect from Buma │ Algera Notariaat. Bert Buma and Sjoerd Algera and their colleagues are used to operating both quickly and efficiently and at a competitive price level, without compromising the quality of their services in any way. It has always been their firm intention to develop a rock-solid practice by operating in a reliable and transparent manner, thinking ahead for you and providing you with pertinent information when appropriate. Although the lawyers and paralegals associated with Buma │ Algera Notariaat primarily share a background of specialist expertise of the highly diverse property market, it goes without saying that the practice is equally well-versed in the areas of family law and corporate law.

Expert Partner

A dynamic society calls for a dynamic notarial practice. The lawyers associated with Buma │ Algera Notariaat skilfully respond to market trends by striking the right balance between one-on-one attention and first-rate notarial services. Bringing together the personal and the professional is precisely what Buma │ Algera Notariaat is all about.