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About us

Buma | Algera Notariaat. A notary office with the right people in the right place. Founders Bert Buma and Sjoerd Algera and their employees have years of experience in the notarial profession, have acquired a good name and have gained an excellent position within the Amsterdam's notarial market, with real estate in all its facets as their specialism. 

Expert partner

A dynamic company requires a dynamic notary office. The lawyers of Buma | Algera Notariaat respond professionally to tends in the market, with the correct mix of personal attention and high level notarial expertise. That’s what we stand for.

Service oriented

Notary service of the highest professional quality. This is what Buma | Algera Notary offers, where you can rely upon a personal, client oriented approach. Bert Buma, Sjoerd Algera and their colleagues are accustomed to working in a quick and efficient way, for competitive prices, without this being at the expense of quality.

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Source of information

The people at Buma | Algera Notariaat have a great deal of experience in the (Amsterdam’s) notariat and are well known as a source of information for private and professional needs. This is obvious to them; after all, their profession doesn't centre only around making deeds.

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Expat Housing Seminar

We are pleased to introduce you to our upcoming Expat Housing Seminar. Here you can learn all you need to know about the legal, financial, fiscal and practical aspects of buying a house in the Netherlands. All speakers are specialised in working for expats. Entrance if free, but we do have a limited number of places available. 

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