Bert Buma

Bert Buma (1959) is co-founder of Buma | Algera Notariat together with Sjoerd Algera. Bert graduated in Notarial law and Dutch law at the Vrij (Free) University of Amsterdam in 1984 and since then has worked in the Amsterdam's notarial profession. As (assigned) notary Bert specialised in real estate. He specifically focussed on buying/selling, establishment of mortgage and other security rights, division in apartment law and (voluntary and foreclosure) real estate auctions. He regularly conducts lectures on the subject to estate agent associations. Before establishing Buma | Algera Notariat Bert worked for Boekel De Nerée for 25 years, 14 years as partner and 11 years as notary. He is also a member of the Amsterdam's Legal Society. Alongside his work as notary Bert sits on the board of a number of charitable organisations.



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