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Private and family law

It would be our pleasure to assist you in the area of family law and estate planning. 

  • Our specialists can offer you tailor made advice concerning for example:
  •  Drawing up a cohabitation agreement;
  • Drawing up prenuptial agreements and partnership agreements;
  • The alteration or cancellation of your prenuptial agreement or cohabitation agreements;
  • Drawing up of wills;
  • Drawing up a living will (general power of attorney);
  • Drawing up deeds for endowment;
  • Drawing up statements of inheritance or statements of execution;
  • The settlement of legacies; and
  • The division of a shared residence and other possessions after the end of a relationship, a marriage or a registered partnership.
    As well as the above mentioned areas we also would be pleased to advise you regarding the possibilities for (fiscally optimal) transferring of your assets during your life and at your death (“estate planning”), via:
  • Drawing up an endowment plan;
  • certification of your assets, such as with company in business succession, or placing your assets in a fund for the benefit of the next generation; and
  • drawing up a flexible optional will in which choices as to the most desirable and fiscally favourable way of arranging it need only be made at your death.

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