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A company can have a number of structures. For example in the form of a sole proprietor, a partnership of a private company.

For setting up an association or foundation, or for statuary changes, you are also in the right place. The (junior) notaries of our office have a great deal of experience in this area. In consultation with your accountant or tax advisor details are clearly put to paper.
·      Foundation         
·      Statuary changes
·      Acquisitions and fusions
·      Issuing, transfer and certification
·      Reorganisations

Private Limited Company

The ‘Private limited company’ (B.V. (Ltd. Company)) is a legal entity with shares as capital.  This capital is intended for the realisation of a specific objective.

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Public Limited Company

A Private Limited Company is not suitable for a big company, where a large amount of capital from third parties is involved.

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