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The buying or selling of a house is for most people the biggest financial decision they make in their life. This is a decision that they will only make a few times in their life; most people therefore don't gain experience.

What valid property rights are there? What is the use of an increased mortgage registration? Which rules apply if you  become the owner of an apartment? We are specialised in the area of real estate. In the area of transfer and sales tax also.
·      Conveyance
·      Mortgages
·      Ground lease
·      Creating membership in apartment rights.
·      Auctions
·      (Changing) divisions.


The deed of conveyance (this is the deed that ensures transfer of ownership) needs to be prepared by a notary and signed by the seller, the buying and the notary. The content of the deed of conveyance needs to be in accordance with the earlier agreed to purchase agreement. 

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Buying a house depends mostly on financing. For this financing a buyer mostly approaches a bank, an insurance company or a pension fund. Whoever lends the money for the purchase of a house, grants a mortgage.

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